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Gene Editing Technologies

Specific Biologics Inc.'s (SBI) mission is to develop novel gene editing technologies to treat diseases at the genetic level in cells inside the body.  

We are actively developing a platform technology consisting of a dual-cleaving nuclease that can be safely delivered to cells for the treatment of various genetic diseases. This technology is designed to better exploit the cell's naturally occurring DNA repair pathways through enhanced repair or predictable deletions.


SBI is interested in licensing compelling technologies in the gene editing field that improve nuclease function or delivery to somatic cells. Please contact us below if your technology might be a good fit.

Partnerships & Collaborations

SBI knows that a team effort accelerates research far faster than any one group can achieve alone. In this spirit, please contact us below for potential academic or industrial partnerships, collaborations or co-developments in the gene editing field.  


SBI is located in Toronto, Ontario - a vibrant life sciences hub with access to top-tier talent from regional colleges and universities.   

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